PUBG Corona
Be conqueror with PUBG Corona :
  • Safe 100% UNDETECTED
  • Updated for working with PUBG 1.0
  • Lowest price and one time paid FREE for limited time ( Subscribe to YouTube Channel like the Video share Our Page )
  • See enemies behind walls ( Wall hack )
  • Locate enemies position ( ESP )
  • Locate enemies around you on radar
  • Mark weapons, attachments, scopes, healings, ammo, throwable and more
  • Mark vehicles (cars, boats, cycles, air drop plane and more)
  • Show details about enemies (health, name, distance & more)
  • Discrimination bot players (green line and green dot on radar)
  • Locate dead player box and air drop box
  • Control each item color
  • Different color for each enemy team
  • Sound alert when enemies are nearby
  • Simple control menu
  • Possibility of changing enemies alert sound and used font style
  • Safe, without malware, fast, light and works without problems
  • Works perfect on Windows 10 system (x64 bit) and Gameloop emulator
  • Join our clan and play with professional players
  • Continues updating and working on adding other features like anti ban, aimbot, car speed and high jumping
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